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El Thuder Progeny

VERSATILE         AGILE          TRAINABLE        TALENTED    


El Thuder is an incredibly useful sire, not only does he have the outstanding bloodlines and abilities which span any discipline but he has heart. something which is hard to reproduce, to have all that talent and live for his job. its a rare thing. but each one of his offspring possess it, that will to work and do their best, the love for their job be it show jumping, eventing, dressage, showing. his heart is his prized asset.


he has huge scope, a fantastic shape over a fence with a magnificent back end, though light framed he is powerful with bounce in his stride, his elevated straight paces are outstanding for a horse bred to jump. he is superbly bold, not many 7 year olds compete in the Eventers GP at hickstead. these are all traits passed on to his young stock, making them ideal to any discipline-a true dual purpose stallion.

He is a fantastic refining stallion for the heavier showjumping mares resulting in more agile, athletic offspring and with his dexterous abilities crosses incredibly well with TB mares for eventing, offering his bold nature with a higher caliber of jump and the injection of more presence in the paces. He stamps his stock with consistency and has produced bold, capable hunters with the conformation and level headed nature suitable for the show ring.



His progeny have been successful in all disciplines, the eldest mainly successful show jumpers. Inheriting his paces, jumping ability, kind temperament and trainable attitude and have been very successful in the jumping arena with 3 competing upto 4* internationally, namely NP Zelah, with his graded stallion son Lord Thuder not far behind and the phenomenal Rumbolds Starlight at 3*. He has many offspring climbing the levels with British team and nations cup riders, young riders and amateurs!

 There are many other talented horses competing at all levels and several at 1.20 and 1.30 doing national classes and smaller International tours.

Foals and youngstock have been awarded premiums at young horse evaluations and winners in the show ring for Sport Horse breeding classes. 


El Thuder has some younger progeny out eventing at BE Novice level and 1* showing great promise to climb up the levels.


There are approximately a dozen El Thuder  grandchildren from his daughters and a few stallions inc Lord Thuder who also has foals on the ground.

Videos and Photos

Charlotte Platt with Rumblolds Starlight

Jessica Mendoza with NP Zelah

Olivia Gents' Stallion Lord Thuder

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